WHAT: RestaurantCLIENT: PankLOCALIZATION: Turin (Italy)YEAR: 2018
TEAM: Alessandra Scarfò and Patrizia Colombo

PANK Restaurant is located in the heart of Turin, surrounded by the amazing Art-Nouveau architecture. PANK is a brilliant mix of Savoy heritage and anti-conformism. Following the idea behind the project, every detail was considered in a successful attempt to juxtapose antithesis. Old meets new, clash meets mix, creating a brand new style.

The layout of the restaurant spreads over two floors; the first floor features a welcome area, furnished with comfortable armchairs and poufs, especially developed for PANK in cooperation with D3CO.

The welcome area is topped off by the table set Moon Phases, in which brass, copper and aluminum illustrate the different moon phases. The harmony between opposites is broken by a wrought iron partition, running up from the first floor, in curvaceous and yet decisive lines, reminding of Art-Nouveau aesthetic canons.

A flight of stairs pops out between two massive mirrors, hidden by a wall reminding of stage curtains, whose color contrasts sharply with the rest of the interiors on this floor. The stairs lead to a bright dining area, featuring a natural wooden floor, contrasting with the design of the wainscoting. Looking up to the ceiling, you’ll appreciate a geometrical and apparently random lighting system (developed by Davide Groppi), creating designs inspired by constellations.

Antinomies can be found in the choice of materials used, but also in the setting as a whole. Lightning and light effects, including the visual language of menus in particular, contribute to distinguishing lunch from dinner. The concept behind the interior design is expressed by the food philosophy too. Chef’s recipes, inspired by traditional Italian cuisine, are re-interpreted in an innovative and unconventional way.

Every detail is associated with the restaurant’s name, its main inspiration being PAN, a faun from Roman and Greek mythology, a satyr-like creature, god of nature and wilderness. The suffix K stands for anti-conformism, with a nod in the direction of the anti-establishment movement by definition: PUNK. The logo itself has a dual meaning: the ambiguity of the picture, when turned upside down, is emblematic for the restaurant’s many contrasts and double readings.

Pank’s Logo and Coordinate Image won the Award of Excellence in WOLDA 2020.

MOODBOARD: Honey, natura, api, sostenibilità, allegria.