WHAT: Logo and brand identityMATERIAL: paper, glassCLIENT: NaturealeLOCALIZATION: Venaria Reale (Italia)YEAR: 2022

The logotype and the visual identity for NATUREALE, visual identity project is also about creativity for honey jars.
I imagined a bee flying around the container sticking the label and finally resting on the lid.
A spiral movement that gives to the label its characteristic inclination.
Natureale is a new brand starting its own way raising bees and producing natural honey with artisanal methods.
Founded in Venaria Reale, in the Lanzo Valley – Piedmont, it boasts the Savoyard suffix and the “Reale” crown in the logo, it matches the profile of the nearby Alps mountains.

MOODBOARD: Honey, natura, api, sostenibilità, allegria.