WHAT: Food / water bowl for petsMATERIAL: 100% PPCLIENT: United PetsLOCALIZATION: Milan (Italy)YEAR: 2014

Boss is a bowl designed to facilitate the feeding of brachycephalic dogs like bulldogs, shih tzu, pugs, boxers and pekingese. Its sloped shape prevents choking allowing these animals to keep their snout slightly raised while eating. The concept of the bowl takes inspiration from the typical studded collar that gives pets the appearance of cool bosses. The plastic studs along the bowl’s circumference are exchangeable and can be combined in diff erent colors. The bowl can be customized and is designed to be easily gripped.

BOSS is available in two different sizes: SID for dogs and SIOUX for cats and small dogs.

MOODBOARD: Honey, natura, api, sostenibilità, allegria.