WHAT: Luxury handmade storeTEAM: Claudio RamondaCLIENT: FloritageLOCALIZATION: Prague (CZ)YEAR: 2019

A corner of Italy set in the enchanting city of Prague, in the Czech Republic, and designed as a container of precious objects, coming from the skill of Florentine artisans. Floritage is a luxury concept store dedicated to high quality Italian craftsmanship, developed on two levels, which takes on the appearance of an intimate home with classic canons, accompanied by contemporary influences. The design of the furnishings and walls of the ground floor are a tribute to the Renaissance, as a testimony of an illustrious past that has turned into a rich and original present. The corporate identity, represented by the stylization of the lily, the historic emblem of Florence, is clearly divided in half, symbolizing a “cutout” of the Tuscan city; the logo designed in this way aims to enhance and highlight the concept of the store, a fragment of ancient and contemporary history, a corner of secular Italian culture and tradition re-proposed in a few square meters and welcomed in the streets of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

MOODBOARD: luxury, florentine artisans, renaissance classicism.